Sunday, December 07, 2008

“God doesn’t call the equipped, He equips the called!”

We can be tempted to say, “This is what I do for God,” and stay there. Some people are called to a specific task for a lifetime, but God may call us to a new work. When He does, we can learn from the church at Antioch: A church that runs members off is one that follows the Spirit’s direction.
If we stay in the same place for a lifetime that is ok, as long as we are in God’s will, but if He asks us to move we must be obedient to the call. I am so thankful He called me to a new work. When God intersected our lives in 2006 I knew our lives were about to change. How much? I didn’t know. Looking back I can see now a lot. Brentwood Baptist has been instrumental in helping us to achieve all God has for us, it certainly is a church that follows the Spirit’s direction and we are very grateful to be a part of it.
I have been asked to take the lead for our Savings Clubs in 2009 and don’t feel that I have the qualifications to make this happen. I know with Christ, I can do all things and realize I must lean on Him for all of this to happen. A friend of mine told me this quote, at the top, a while back to remind me that He does the calling and I must trust Him for the equipment. I believe in my heart that this is exactly what He is doing with me for 09. As I talked this over with the manager of Living Way, Richard, a couple of days ago he basically made the same statement in a different way. He said 5 years down the road when you look back on your accomplishments here in South Africa, you will be amazed at all the things you learned that you didn’t ever dream of doing before. This is so true, I have been given so much opportunity for growth outside of my realm of dental hygiene and it truly brings joy to my heart. Who would have ever thought I could learn how to do so much with a computer, but I have. I had no intention of ever going into farming, but I am learning. I never dreamed of managing a bakery, but I am going to. I never thought I could take the lead to train trainers to present Savings clubs to churches and support group facilitators, but I intend to. The list goes on! I was certainly not equipped when God called me to do these things but I was willing and obedient and for that He has blessed me with so much. I ask that you pray with me as I have lots to look forward to in 09. Pray that he will equip me with all I need to serve Him.

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Marta said...

Is this the Mike Talley who was on staff at Global Missions Fellowship (now e3 partners)?

If so, I'm glad I found your blog. I was also on staff at the same time you were. I worked in Romania, Zimbabwe, Peru, and a few other places.